About Lori & Bob Hollander

When a relationship is vulnerable, the experts you choose must hold that responsibility in their hands like the surgeon delicately operating on the heart. The life or death of the relationship may depend upon it. From couples in crisis to those wishing to deepen their connection, we have the unique privilege of not only providing the support they deserve, but of witnessing their growth as a couple – the creation of a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary partnership. Our years together as spouses, parents and business partners, combined with our extensive professional training and experience in the relationship field have uniquely prepared us for this mission of making “Relationships Work.” And we each have our own style.

Love and Desire – How to Balance Emotional and Erotic Intimacy

One of the biggest complaints we hear from couples is that they’ve lost the passion in their relationship. They may love each other, be best friends, enjoy spending time together, and love being a family, but their sexual desire or attraction has gone missing.

Balancing emotional and erotic intimacy is […]

Researcher Reveals 5 Ways to Renew Old Love

As children, we learn that “falling in love” is a mysterious phenomenon, something beyond our control. We get swept off our feet by strong emotions and chemical attraction. If it’s “the true love of soulmates,” it will last forever all by itself, like magic.

That is the biggest myth about […]

3 Hot Tips to Revive the Romance

The holidays are over. Some people experience a let-down, a sense of sadness, a feeling that the excitement is over. Nothing to look forward to except the coldest part of winter, and wondering how much snow we are going to get.

In addition, many of the couples we see […]

7 Strategies to Survive the Holidays When You’re Hurting

When you're hurting, the holiday season may feel anything but joyful. You're not alone. Here are seven ways to get through the holidays when you're suffering.