About Lori & Bob Hollander

When a relationship is vulnerable, the experts you choose must hold that responsibility in their hands like the surgeon delicately operating on the heart. The life or death of the relationship may depend upon it. From couples in crisis to those wishing to deepen their connection, we have the unique privilege of not only providing the support they deserve, but of witnessing their growth as a couple – the creation of a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary partnership. Our years together as spouses, parents and business partners, combined with our extensive professional training and experience in the relationship field have uniquely prepared us for this mission of making “Relationships Work.” And we each have our own style.

Can Couples Start Over After An Affair?

Starting over after an affair isn’t easy, but it is possible. Bob and I have seen many couples do just that. Repairing a break in trust is one of the hardest issues to overcome in a relationship. Yet more and more couples come to us to work on recovering […]

5 Keys to Start Dating Again After a Painful Breakup

Starting over is one of the scariest things I have to do. I haven’t dated since college and I’m 52. I just don’t know where to begin. Am I too old to date? I’m not sure I’m even ready – It’s only been 6 months since my divorce and […]

5 Powerful Quotes That Will Inspire a Fresh Start in Your Relationship

We often see partners who want or need a fresh start in their relationship. It could be a couple who comes in after a crisis like an affair, or partners who have become roommates and want to rekindle their sexual relationship. It could be an empty nest couple who […]

Expert Dr. Sue Johnson Explains “Attachment” in Relationships

“Being the ‘best you can be’ is really only possiblewhen you are deeply connected to another.Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.”
– Dr. Sue Johnson
Explaining what is meant by “attachment” in relationships sounds easy. It’s the way we bond with our partner. In reality, it is a very complex […]