“Relationship stress” happens to all of us. When any kind of stressor, good or bad, occurs in your life, it affects you and your partner as a couple. Bob and I always say, “It’s easy to have a relationship when times are good; the true test of a relationship is when times are tough.”

RelationshipStressWe’ve been through our share of tough times over the years as I’m sure you have. They’ll either bring you closer or pull you apart. We’ll talk this month about how to deal with some of life’s stressors as a couple so you can weather the storms and come through them stronger.

As a topic expert for GoodTherapy.org I was asked to write an article for their blog: “How to Fix a Relationship in 5 Steps.” We wanted to share it with you as our article of the week.

I’ve included a list of additional Good Therapy blog posts below. We’re committed to supporting your relationships. Where else can you get so much for so little?

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