How to Keep Holiday Harmony with Your In-Laws

Going home for the holidays? Many people do. If you are close to your in-laws, consider yourself lucky and enjoy your holiday season. For the rest of you, keep reading. There are ways to minimize difficulties with in-laws if you and your partner prepare upfront.

Many couples in […]

Five Survival Tips for Visiting In-Laws (or Out-Laws) Over the Holidays

Alice (to therapist): “I’m not looking forward to the holidays with Steve’s parents. My mother-in-law constantly criticizes how I parent the kids and talks about how “things were done in her day”. She doesn’t get that the world today is totally different from when she raised her family.”

Steve: “My […]

Five Steps to Ease Holiday Relationship Stress

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” – Terri Guillemets
For couples the holidays create many opportunities for stress, even in the best relationships. There is so much to do such as shopping, traveling, visiting, and cooking. So many decisions to make – how much money to spend, […]

Survival Guide: Visiting In-Laws, Out-Laws & Other Relatives During the Holidays (or any day for that matter)

Christine (to therapist): The holidays with Danny’s parents are a nightmare. For the last 15 years my mother-in-law has tried to tell me how to raise our kids, as if I have no clue. She’s so critical; I know she’ll remark about my weight gain.

Danny: My family isn’t as […]