3 Steps to Stoke Your Libido and Heat Up Your Sex Life

Just what exactly is libido? It’s your sex drive, your desire for sexual activity, your appetite for sex.

Why is it that, generally speaking, men seem to hang on to their libidos while women’s wax and wane through the years? Here are some of the reasons:

Hormones – Think […]

Lost Your Libido? You can get it back.

Many women we see in practice just “accept” that they’ve lost their libidos. They don’t exactly know where it went, but it’s gone. I hear things like:

“I’m too tired. I wouldn’t care if I ever had sex again.”
“Since the baby was born, I have no interest in sex.”
“I’ve gained […]

Love and Desire – How to Balance Emotional and Erotic Intimacy

One of the biggest complaints we hear from couples is that they’ve lost the passion in their relationship. They may love each other, be best friends, enjoy spending time together, and love being a family, but their sexual desire or attraction has gone missing.

Balancing emotional and erotic intimacy is […]

Researcher Reveals 5 Ways to Renew Old Love

As children, we learn that “falling in love” is a mysterious phenomenon, something beyond our control. We get swept off our feet by strong emotions and chemical attraction. If it’s “the true love of soulmates,” it will last forever all by itself, like magic.

That is the biggest myth about […]