Researcher Reveals 5 Ways to Renew Old Love

As children, we learn that “falling in love” is a mysterious phenomenon, something beyond our control. We get swept off our feet by strong emotions and chemical attraction. If it’s “the true love of soulmates,” it will last forever all by itself, like magic.

That is the biggest myth about […]

3 Hot Tips to Revive the Romance

The holidays are over. Some people experience a let-down, a sense of sadness, a feeling that the excitement is over. Nothing to look forward to except the coldest part of winter, and wondering how much snow we are going to get.

In addition, many of the couples we see […]

What My Parents Taught Me About Love & Marriage

When I was 12 years old, my dad left. The divorce was messy and took two long years to settle. My thoughts and feelings about love were deeply affected throughout adolescence, a time when I was first having my own experiences with dating and love first-hand.

I didn’t think much […]

Love and Sex: What Do We Really Want?

We have a human drive to love.

Bob and I love spending time with friends and meeting new people. This weekend we had the good fortune to do both. I’m always interested in hearing what others think about love and relationships, and I was intrigued by my conversation with a […]