If you think your relationships with your parents can’t affect your marriage, think again.

As a young adult, I was highly aware that my parents’ relationship and subsequent divorce would have an impact on my future. In my early 20s I wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to get married. The negative and painful struggle I witnessed during my parents’ separation was something I was determined not to repeat.

After my Social Work education and my own therapy, I understood what it took to create a healthy marriage. I set out to find a partner who had the same goals. That’s when I met Bob, and here we are 30 years later.

Were your parents:

  • Emotionally expressive?
  • Attentive or inattentive?
  • Together or separated?

To find out how these and other factors may affect your future relationships, check out this article:

11 Weird Ways Your Relationship With Your Parents Can Affect Your Romantic Life

Your relationship deserves the highest level of support. Relationship Experts, Bob and Lori Hollander are committed to helping individuals and couples build connection and deepen bonds in a world that often makes it difficult.

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