In long-term relationships, it is likely that familiarity will breed sexual boredom. Most couples accept this without question and don’t realize it does not have to be this way. The following tips will light up your sexual connection!

1) Dare to have a frank discussion about your sex life.

What is most pleasurable? What would you like more of? What fantasies do you have? What turns you on?
Hint: Here’s the secret to effectively communicating your needs.

2) Forget the orgasm.

Pick a place you wouldn’t normally have sex and make out with your clothes on – no orgasms allowed.

3) Try something new.

Be playful and adventurous: change the usual place, position, time of day. Buy an outfit or try some sex toys. Flirt on the phone.

4) Not in the mood, do it anyway.

Research shows that, for about 50% of the population, desire doesn’t “just happen.” If you wait for lustful feelings to appear, you will have less frequent sex. Experts agree, for many people, once you get started, erotic desire will kick in and you will enjoy lovemaking.

Great sex is nourishment for the soul and energizes the relationship bond. Studies show that married couples who prioritize sex are happier than couples in low-sex marriages. And, the more sex couples have, the happier they are.

For more about this topic, watch this video from Esther Perel, world renowned sex therapist, and one of our favorite teachers. Love and Desire – How to Balance Emotional and Erotic Intimacy

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