image 43 play dates to recharge your relationship

When was the last time you had a “play date” with your husband? “A play date?” you ask. We can hear you thinking, “The only play dates I have are when I get together with my girlfriends and their kids.”

That’s not exactly what we had in mind. The play dates we’re suggesting are about you and your spouse being creative about your dates, so you actually have fun and get away from life’s stressors for a bit. We all tend to fall into the same routines, going out to dinner or a movie.

It’s time to branch out; shake it up; plan an activity you haven’t done before; create a new adventure. This will spice up your relationship.

We brainstormed and searched the web for interesting activities. Here are ideas to help you plan play dates and bring more joy into your marriage:

43 Play Dates to Recharge Your Relationship

  1. Invite friends over and have a jam session or a sing-along.
  2. Pick cities within an hour of your location and sample restaurants you’ve never been to.
  3. Get some new lingerie and book a hotel room for a few hours, if not the whole night.
  4. Go dancing or take a dance class.
  5. Go to a toy store together (and I’m not talking about Toys R Us).
  6. Try ice skating or roller skating.
  7. Play a game.
  8. Go to a Jazz Club.
  9. Take a hike in a state park.
  10. Go to the lingerie store together.
  11. Attend a comedy club.
  12. Be a tourist in your home town.
  13. Go to an indoor trampoline park.
  14. Find a drive-in movie theater and cuddle under blankets.
  15. Browse a bookstore.
  16. Get dressed up and pretend you are on a first date.
  17. Visit an art museum.
  18. Go stargazing.
  19. Visit a vineyard or a beer tasting.
  20. Read a book to each other.
  21. Plan a vacation.
  22. Go rock climbing.
  23. Volunteer together.
  24. Go to a festival – film, jazz, etc.
  25. Attend a sports game.
  26. Go to an open mic night and sing.
  27. Do day trips.
  28. Go horseback riding.
  29. Play strip poker.
  30. Make a bonfire.
  31. Take a painting class.
  32. Take a cooking class together.
  33. Ride on a hot air balloon.
  34. Do something daring, like indoor skydiving.
  35. Go on a ghost tour.
  36. Watch a romantic movie.
  37. Take a bath together.
  38. Go to an amusement park.
  39. Take a city tour.
  40. Do a spa night together.
  41. Go to a trapeze class.
  42. Play pool or ping pong together.
  43. Go back to where you had your first date.

We’d love to have you add to the list and share your creative ideas with us for “play dates” on our Facebook page.

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