What is the difference between the love of committed straight couples and the love of committed gay couples?

Nothing. In our 25 years of practice, Bob and I have worked with straight and gay couples. Here is what we have found:

  • Straight couples have trouble communicating. So do gay couples.
  • Straight couples have difficulty finding ways to resolve conflict. So do gay couples.
  • Straight couples want to feel more intimacy and a deeper connection. So do gay couples.
  • Straight couples want to create families and grow old together. So do gay couples.

But hold on; there are some differences:

  • Gay couples have to face discrimination. Straight couples don’t.
  • Gay couples worry about being accepted and recognized by others. Straight couples don’t.
  • Gay couples have to hide their love and affection for each other in public. Straight couples don’t.

The true difference between straight and gay couples is the relationship between the couple and the rest of society, not the relationship between loving partners.

Shane-Crone-150x150With this in mind, we want to share an amazing love story with you. We were privileged to meet Shane Bitney Crone (@ShaneBitney) last weekend and see a premiere of his documentary, Bridegroom. The film won the Audience Award for Best Documentary 2013 at the Tribeca Film Festival and was introduced by Bill Clinton. It premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network (@OWNTV) last Sunday.

The love shared between Shane and Tom is palpable – the kind of connection we all would like to find in a loving, committed, lifetime relationship.

You can see Bridegroom on Netflix now. For more information about the film go to Oprah’s Bridegroom page or visit the official Bridegroom Movie website.

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To Your Relationship,

Lori and Bob Hollander