It’s been a hectic week for us. I wasn’t able to send out our newsletter last week due to a relative needing to go to the hospital. Having to “drop off” a family member at the ER, and not being allowed in, was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. The good news is that I was able to pick up my family member on Monday and all is well. Thank goodness. Hope your week was less exciting.

We are now in a new phase of the pandemic crisis where being home, or whatever your routine is, has become the “new normal.” The shock and disbelief have worn off. Relationships have either become better or worse, as couples and families are living together in small spaces for longer periods of time than ever.

In our practice we have seen some couples have a newfound appreciation for their relationship or marriage. Time has been slowed down and they are interacting more, working better as a team, seeing more depth in each other. For others, we have seen an awakening of unhappiness in their marriage and a strong desire to either make it work or separate.

The pandemic crisis will put your relationship to the test. And there is still a lot ahead. Especially, I imagine, there will be difficult discussions about when and how to return to our workplaces, how to handle finances, and how to handle issues with children.

This week I’m sharing an insightful article from TIME magazine:

Can Your Relationship Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic? – Staying at home due to Coronavirus concerns is recommended for public health. But what does it do to a relationship?Here are 11 things Couples’ Therapists recommend.

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