Cracking the Code of Love with Dr. Sue Johnson

In this podcast, Dr. Sue Johnson discusses how to create, protect, and nourish fulfilling sexual and emotional relationships.

How to Deepen Your Emotional Intimacy

Feeling disconnected from your partner? Want a deeper connection? Here are practical tips and how-to advice for those who want to deepen emotional intimacy with their partner.

How Emotional Baggage Affects Your Relationship

We're all dealing with a lot of feelings right now. Yet, how many of us realize our feelings about the past often explain our responses in the present?

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage

Often partners express and manage their emotions differently. So we must find the healthy ways to navigate these differences in our emotions, especially when those differences cause conflict.

The Key to Being Heard: Make Your Partner’s Case

When partners get stuck defending their positions, they fail to understand the other's point of view. Here's the key to being heard.