“Forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person that hurt you, or condoning of their action. What you are after is to find peace. Forgiveness can be defined as the ‘peace and understanding that come from blaming that which has hurt you less, taking the life experience less personally, and changing your grievance story.'” – Dr. Fred Luskin www.LearningtoForgive.com

When you perceive that your loving partner has wounded you, the deep and intense feelings of anger and hurt can wreck havoc upon your heart and your relationship.

Conscious acts of forgiveness are the beginning of our soul’s liberation. Forgiving dissipates the formidable feelings and relieves the sense of powerlessness that takes such a large emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual toll; it reduces stress, anger and depression and evokes hope and positivity.

What is it that you haven’t forgiven? It’s never too late to work on letting go.

You can read about the process of forgiveness in, “Forget, Fight or Forgive? Choose the Path of Courage.”