Coaching & Counseling

For Individuals & Couples


Most couples are unaware they must consciously and intentionally nurture their connection or it will fade.

Life gets busy; routine sets in; careers demand attention; money is tight; children take priority; the years fly by. The relationship is last on the list. One day you wake up and realize that emotional and/or sexual intimacy is gone.

We can help. One or both of us will provide counseling and coaching to support you reigniting love and connection.

We actively help individuals and couples create a plan to address the issues and skills that will improve and deepen your relationship.

Support 360° means, you’ll get:

  • Flexible scheduling with more frequent or longer sessions as needed.
  • Phone and email support between visits at no extra charge.
  • Our Free weekly eNewsletter with relationship advice and tips.
  • Extra online resources such as our Blog, eCourses, eBooks, TeleClasses and products in our Store.

There really isn’t a more effective way to see results in your relationship.

Contact us to get started with counseling & coaching at Relationships Work.

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