Couple to Couple® Coaching – Twice the Support

LandBCouple to Couple® Coaching offers an innovative, alternative approach to traditional couples counseling.

You and your partner work with both of us, as a team, in a powerful process to transform your relationship and achieve the connection you desire.

Why work with both of us?

  • Four eyes are better than two.
    With two therapists, you get double the experience. Lori and Bob observe different dynamics and collaborate during and after sessions to achieve the best results.
  • You are “coached” to develop deeper intimacy.
    In sports, coaches assist athletes in achieving their full potential through training and skills development. In Couple to Couple® Coaching, Lori and Bob support couples in realizing their deepest connection through teaching and developing relationship skills.
  • You observe how two very different styles are negotiated.
    Bob and Lori, opposite in many ways, share how they work to accept and manage their differences, instead of allowing those differences to spark conflict.
  • You see how Bob and Lori interact and model skills.
    Examples are shared from their own relationship as spouses, parents and business partners when they appropriately relate to your experience.
  • You can watch Lori and Bob enact your conflict in a healthy way.
    Bob and Lori take your conflict and enact it in a way that allows you to watch your specific issues resolved productively.

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What is the cost of Couple to Couple® Coaching?
Bob and Lori each charge $140 per visit for their time when working with a couple together. Expensive, yes, but there really isn’t a faster, more powerful way to see results in your relationship. After all, what price would you pay for a deeper connection with your partner.

*Some couples choose to have individual sessions with each of us and do Couple to Couple® Coaching intermittently.

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