Many couples come to our practice with issues around broken trust, especially infidelity. The question often arises, “Just what is considered infidelity? What are the boundaries of ‘cheating’?” Over the last few years, we have seen more couples where the infidelity did not take place in person, but online. It’s called “cyber infidelity.”

Over a two-year period, Dr. Marlene Wasserman, Couple & Sex Therapist, used the Ashley Madison website (where married people go for hookups) to study cyber infidelity. She learned the stories of why and how men and women use online connection for sex and pleasure. In this interesting TED Talk, Dr. Wasserman discusses the seduction and impact of cyber infidelity on modern-day relationships and couples’ expectations of each other. Very provocative. Let us know your thoughts.

Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction – Dr. Marlene Wasserman

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