“You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality.”  ? Steve Maraboli

In football, when a play is challenged, an official will watch the instant replay to determine precisely what happened and which team will win. In relationships we also challenge “plays” in the form of conversations, experiences or events; and when couples disagree about what happened or what was said, each partner does an instant replay and swears that their replay is the truth.

The result is an argument about who’s got the facts straight and who said or did what before whom. Each partner is determined to prove that their replay is right.

The problem is that in relationships our video is our memory and we only see the replay from one angle – ours. We may be fervently convinced that our version is correct but the reality is that we may never know who is truly right.

So what do we do? And does it really matter who’s right in relationships anyway?

Watch this video to hear Lori & Bob talk about figuring out whose replay is correct and just how much this matters when it comes to love.

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To Your Relationship,

Lori and Bob Hollander