I want to share an incredible resource with you. Dr. Ross Rosenberg, psychotherapist, international speaker, author and trainer, is an expert on codependency, narcissism, gaslighting, and sex addiction. He’s the author of The Human Magnet Syndrome – The Codependent Narcissist Trap.

His book explains the meaning of codependency and why people who are codependent end up in relationships with partners who are narcissistic. These relationships develop like the perfect storm. Codependent partners “over give.” Narcissistic partners “over take.” People get trapped in these relationships and have trouble getting out. I highly recommend his book.

In addition, check out this short video with Dr. Tammy Nelson, interviewing Ross Rosenberg and three other experts on codependency.

If you think you may have the characteristics of being codependent, follow us this month. We will dig deeper into this topic.

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