What is Codependency? It is often characterized by:

  • Low self-esteem
  • People pleasing
  • Feeling the need to control others
  • Difficulty setting boundaries
  • Caretaking
  • Obsessing over other people
  • Perfectionism
  • Problems with intimacy
  • Fear of abandonment

Can you or someone you know relate to any of these characteristics?

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Overcoming Codependency: A Journey to Self-Love & Healthy Relationships

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Bob and I are honored to be one of the featured conference speakers. Our talk, 5 Signs You’re In a Codependent Relationship and How to Recover, will help you identify what it means to be Codependent, and give you strategies to change.

AVAIYA has brought together over 26 of the world’s most renowned experts in the area of Codependency recovery, to help you break free from the grip Codependency has on your life and/or the lives of those you love.

We will be sharing what Codependency is, what it’s not, how Codependency has evolved over time, and most importantly, how you can recognize your Codependent tendencies and behaviors to overcome them.

Because guess what? YOU ARE AMAZING! And chances are, you haven’t been telling yourself this enough!

Bob and I, and the other leaders featured in this event, have collectively helped millions of people, like yourself, work on their codependent behaviors, and live a life of freedom, full self-expression, love, and connectedness.

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To your relationship,

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