eWorkbookHR_singleHead, Heart & Hormones: What Every Single Person Should Know About Finding Lasting Love




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Most of us enter a committed relationship believing we have found the partner of our dreams. Not to mention, a love that will last a lifetime. So, why is it the divorce rate is 50%? Is there a way to increase the odds you and your partner will be together for a lifetime? The answer is yes.

Head, Heart & Hormones is an easy, fun and self-guided way to bring your attention to what’s happening in your (and your partner’s) mind, body and soul throughout your relationship.

Answer the questions outlined in this eWorkbook and you’ll gain greater insight into what you think and feel and, therefore, be better able to work intentionally toward balancing Head, Heart and Hormones – the Relationship Trilogy necessary for lasting love.

“Head, Heart & Hormones is the perfect tool for committed couples. It helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your relationship so you can course-correct before little problems become major.” – Susan O., professional coach

Checking in with yourself at the levels of head, heart and hormones is a way to monitor the health of your relationship – at every stage. Whether you’ve just begun or have been together for years, you’ll find yourself coming back to this eWorkbook again and again.

If you want to play an active role in the direction your relationship is taking, this is the resource for you. The Head, Heart & Hormones eWorkbookWhat Every Single Person Should Know About Creating Lasting Love is one of Relationships Work’s core Support 360 resources providing a strong foundation for creating an extraordinary partnership.