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This month we are talking about how to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize relationships. A critical element is understanding what intimacy means to you and your partner. In our counseling practice, we often see an “intimacy gap” between men and women.

We’d like to share a podcast of our guest appearance on WomanTalk Live hosted by Ann Quasman. In this episode, Men, Women and Intimacy: Bridging the Gap, Bob and I talk about:

  • Just what exactly is intimacy?
  • How do men and women experience intimacy?
  • Six strategies to build the bond and bridge the “intimacy gap” between partners.

After you listen, have a conversation with your partner about their definition of love, connection and intimacy; and how it has changed over time. Understanding your partner through deeper dialogue will lead to a sense of “presence” and renewal in your relationship.

We would love to hear your thoughts about ways you’ve renewed your relationship on our Facebook page.

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