I can’t believe we have been quarantined for four weeks. I keep thinking, next spring we will be looking back on this, wondering how we got through it all.

Bob and I are getting used to doing Virtual sessions. It’s been interesting hearing clients describe the ways being quarantined has affected their relationships. For some, it has created more conflict, especially if one wants to focus on the pandemic and the other wants to hide from it. Or if one partner is vigilant about disinfecting and the other isn’t.

We are also seeing couples recognizing how little time they spent together before and feeling more appreciative of each other. It will be interesting to see how marriages change after people go back to work.

This week I want to share an article by Carol Bruess, marriage researcher and Professor Emeritus at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota:

How to Keep the Quarantine from Ruining Your Marriage

You’ll also enjoy her TED Talk at the end of the article: Are All Relationships Messy?

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