What is the best way to show your partner that you love them? The answer depends on your partner’s love language; i.e., the way your partner wants to receive love.

The 5 Love Languages explains that we have preferences in the way we desire love. The author, Gary Chapman, describes five different ways people receive love. They are:

  1. Words of Affirmation – Hearing the unsolicited words, “I love you.”
  2. Quality Time – Having full and undivided attention without distractions.
  3. Receiving Gifts – Not the materialistic aspect, but the thoughtfulness and effort that it takes.
  4. Acts of Service – Taking on a responsibility to ease the burden.
  5. Physical Touch – Affection, hugs, holding hands, sex.

If you and/or your partner don’t know each other’s preferred love language, we highly recommend you go to www.5LoveLanguages.com and take the quiz.

With the results in hand, it will be less of a mystery to plan a fabulous Valentine’s celebration with your partner. Here are some ideas to speak your partner’s love language on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Words of Affirmation
    • Write your partner a love letter. Tell him/her what you appreciate, share a favorite memory, write the things you are grateful for.
    • Create a calendar with pictures of the two of you and a love note for each month.
    • Make a personalized poster of all the things you love doing together; or a collage of pictures and frame it.
  2. Quality Time
    • Have a romantic dinner together, at home or at a restaurant.
    • Go on a day trip or weekend.
    • Meet with a travel agent and plan a trip together.
    • Create a bucket list of ideas for dates or places you want to visit together, and schedule them.
    • Sign up for a dance class or a cooking class together.
  3. Receiving Gifts
    • Think about what your partner would like: jewelry, flowers, chocolate, a day at the spa, perfume; or maybe a trip to the mall together so he/she can pick something out for herself.
  4. Acts of Service
    • Give your partner a coupon book with chores that you could do for her or a day(s) off from her routine.
    • Hire a personal chef to create your favorite meal for the two of you, or even for the family once a month.
  5. Physical Touch
    • Arrange for joint massages at a spa.
    • Give each other massages with oil at home.
    • Take a hot shower or bath together and have a romantic sexy evening.
    • Have sex but try something new. Change the location, get a new sex toy, or some new lingerie.
    • Arrange for a night in a hotel or an Air BnB or a Bed & Breakfast.

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Image Copyright Kati Molin