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It’s a familiar refrain in troubled relationships: “Let’s fix this!” Easier said than done, isn’t it? Still, these tips may give you a fighting chance. Read Lori’s recent article, “How to Fix a Relationship in 5 StepsREAD NOW.

Lori contributes relationship advice at GoodTherapy.Org with an article entitled, “What to Do When Your Partner Won’t Go to Therapy with You.” Check out the buzz this subject has stirred and learn effective ways to gain cooperation from a therapy-resistant partner. READ MORE.

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Our relationship advice published in Carroll Magazine – Sex (As If You Didn’t Know) Is Not Simple reaching 52,000 households! “Relationship counselors, Bob and Lori Hollander of Relationships Work, a private therapy practice in Owings Mills, believe that sex is about playing, relaxing, letting go and having fun.” READ MORE   [Download PDF]

Also published in Carroll Magazine – What Is Love? In this article we discuss the relationship trilogy of romantic love  covering the head, heart and hormones.” READ MORE  [Download PDF]

February, 2011
“Easy Ways to Mix It Up and Drive Him Wild”
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carroll county

February, 2011
“Mount Airy family unplugs gadgets, reconnects with one another”

December, 2009
“Clamping Down on Calories During the Overeating Season

Lessons in Love and Marriage
The Carroll County Times interviews Bob and Lori for Valentine’s Day 2006 about working on their own relationship and “Couple to Couple®” Coaching.


January, 2011
“Your Love Life and Facebook Are in a Relationship and It’s Complicated?”

larry elder

April 29, 2005
When Your “New Look” Threatens Your Relationship
National TV talk show, The Larry Elder Show, enlisted the help of Bob and Lori Hollander to provide counseling for guest married couple Bill and Deborah who were struggling with their relationship after Deborah’s dramatic weight loss. Also, read Bob & Lori’s article on “Relationships”

The Annapolis Capital interviews Bob and Lori Hollander about “Mars, Venus & Money”.
Money is a top point of contention for couples