All I have to say is WOW. This is one of the most awesome, authentic, genuine, funny, insightful videos I've seen.

The speaker, Michael Russer, describes his journey with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and impotence, and how it affected the way he sees intimacy. What a brave guy to share so openly.

It is a MUST watch and I don't say that often.
(Make sure you skip the ad in the beginning after a few seconds.)

Insights on Intimacy from a Man with ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

After you watch, share this with your network and especially with the men in your life. It is eye-opening and will be a springboard for discussion on intimacy with your partner.

Michael's book, Return to Sex & Intimacy: For Cancer Survivors and Their Partners, co-authored with his partner, Jacqueline Lopez, Is NOT just for couples dealing with cancer. It has lessons about love, sex and intimacy that we all need to know. I highly recommend it.

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