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Lori W. Hollander, LCSW-C, BCD

Lori Hollander“Relationships are the essence of our lives. Nothing else provides more meaning or more pleasure than deeply connecting with the people we love.
I learned that the hard way. My passion for the work Bob and I do comes from the difficulties I faced as a child when my parents divorced.

I believe many of the important lessons we learn come from the pain we experience. Putting that wisdom to work gives our struggle purpose.

My life’s work has been devoted to helping individuals and couples create meaningful and strong relationships.

I actively work with clients to find practical ways to improve their connection, develop productive communication skills, manage conflict, find forgiveness, and grow deeper empathy and compassion.”


B.A., Family and Community Development, University of Maryland, College Park
M.S.W. (Master of Social Work), Rutgers University, New Brunswick


Relationship Experts, WomanTalk Live, a radio show hosted by Ann Quasman on TalkRadio 680 WCBM, 2006-2013. Listen to our previous shows.

Creators, Producers, Co-hosts, Black, White & Gay in America – The Human Side, WOLB Talk Radio 1010, 2011-2012. Listen to our previous shows.

The Hollanders have also been featured on television and in print.

Other experience includes public speaking, designing workshops and facilitating training for corporate and community organizations.

Mars Venus Experts:


Lori and Bob Hollander were among a small international group of therapists, hand picked and personally trained by Dr. John Gray, author of the best-selling book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Dr. Gray’s book, having sold over 50 million copies worldwide in 42 languages, has been recognized as the most sold book on the planet during the decade of the 1990’s.

As Directors of the first official Mars & Venus Counseling Center in Baltimore (1997-2007) the Hollanders counseled couples using Dr. Gray’s concepts. In addition they taught full day seminars on Mars Venus principles of communication and healthy relationships.

Our unique approach to working with individuals and couples, provides the highest level of service to our clients. Read more about our 360 Support model.

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