Bob and I are always on the lookout for new resources that will support and grow our Relationships Work community. Today I discovered Menprovement – a place devoted to supporting and educating men on how to "live with purpose" and "bring back the meaning into your life."

I was inspired by their focus on providing a safe space to help men:

  • Create a life of authentic personal development,
  • Build self-awareness, and
  • Develop greater emotional intelligence.

The vision of Sean Russell, founder, and Artur Kot, co-founder of Menprovement, aligns with our vision – helping couples form and build deep, lasting, fulfilling bonds in a world that often makes it difficult.

The article that caught my eye is How to Create a Deep Connection with Someone. You must check it out and share it with the men you know, especially your partner.

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Photo credit Iakov Filimonov on 123rf