In our couples counseling practice, the #1 issue is, “We can’t communicate.” Under that umbrella, the top three complaints are:

He doesn’t listen.

She’s so emotional.

Our discussions always turn into who’s right and who’s wrong.

When these complaints are part of a relationship, the result is frustration, disconnection and hurt. Communicating is a struggle, not a pleasure, and you feel like you are going in circles.

What’s interesting is that EVERY couple experiences communication problems – it’s not just the territory of bad relationships. But left unattended, poor communication can tear a couple apart.

No matter where your relationship is overall, learning how to communicate better will only do one thing: Improve it.

So, how can you overcome communication problems in your relationship?

We’ll show you how to overcome these common complaints and build more effective communication for a deeper connection in the following video.

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To your relationship,

Lori & Bob Hollander