360 Support Model360° Support Model

At Relationships Work, we do things differently.

We’ve completely redesigned the way traditional couples therapy works, offering clients an unprecedented level of relationship support – 24/7.

Your relationship deserves the highest level of support. We call it Support 360° because we literally surround you with the practical tools you need for relationship success.

Lori and Bob work in full partnership with every couple – meaning all the time, in multiple ways, and with 100% investment in helping you create the relationship you want.

Support 360° Means Commitment

Support 360 CommitmentWe’ve all used the word “commitment” when talking about relationships. Problem is, we only use it in reference to the couple.
No one talks about the commitment made by the therapist. Perhaps, that’s because professional commitment usually only goes so far. There’s the once a week appointment and, frankly, not much else.

We offer support to our clients 24/7.

Support 360° Means Hope

360 Support Means HopeGiving hope. Hope for couples in crisis; and hope for partners seeking to deepen their bond in a world that often makes that difficult.

Building connection and intimacy opens the gateway to living a fuller, more genuine life. One that can actually deliver the joy and passion that we seek. That is why we are honored at the prospect of being part of your relationship journey.

We deeply value “giving hope,” especially when couples aren’t feeling it.

Support 360° Means Options

360 Support Means OptionsEvery relationship is different. That’s why we offer more than one type of support tool – and with each tool, comes us – Bob and Lori.

Whether you work with one of us, both of us, use one of our eProducts, take a TeleClass from us or simply read an article on our web site, we are here for you.

We support you in whatever way works best for you.

Support 360° Means Community

360 Support Means CommunityWe want you to think of Relationships Work as your relationship’s home base. A place you alone, and you with your partner, can come to re-group, to discover a different and deeper human perspective, and, finally, to serve as the rallying point for fresh insight, inspiration and a revitalized hope for moving on to the next level.

You are not “patients” in our eyes. You are fellow sojourners traveling the same path we are on – that we all are on.

So, welcome to a whole world in support of your relationship.

We invite you to start exploring all the tools that will make your partnership extraordinary.

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