When You’re the One Who Cheats – from Dr. Tammy Nelson

Regarding infidelity, much is written for the person who was cheated on. Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. shares a different perspective on infidelity: when you're the one who cheats.

Valentine’s Day After the Affair: Pain or Passion?

For many couples healing from infidelity, Valentine’s Day brings a mix of pain and passion. Therapists help partners sort through these complicated emotions.

Can Couples Start Over After An Affair?

Starting over after an affair isn’t easy, but it is possible. Bob and I have seen many couples do just that. Repairing a break in trust is one of the hardest issues to overcome in a relationship. Yet more and more couples come to us to work on recovering […]

How to Forgive Your Partner After An Affair

Forgiveness after an affair may seem like an oxymoron. How can anyone forgive the greatest act of betrayal in a marriage or committed relationship? Though it may seem impossible, we see it everyday in our practice.

Forgiveness is not an act; it’s a process that happens over months and […]

5 Crucial Messages That Will Rebuild Trust After An Affair

“I am in desperate need of help for my marriage. Last week I discovered that my husband has been having an affair. I’m devastated. We have two young children. I don’t know what to do. Can you help?”

This is typical of the emails that Bob and I often receive. […]