The Key to Effective Communication During COVID-19

Many couples are spending a lot more together because of COVID-19. So communication with your partner, husband or wife is more important than ever.

5 Steps to Manage Your Biggest Differences

What differences do you and your partner argue about? Have those differences become chronic arguments? Here are 5 steps to manage your biggest differences.

The Secret to Effectively Communicating Your Needs

"We can't communicate" is one of the top complaints we hear. In this article, we explain how to talk assertively so your partner will listen, and we include lots of examples.

4 Ways to Become a ‘Rockstar Listener’

Communication: The number one skill couples need to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Many of the clients who contact us say, “My partner and I can’t communicate.”

Lack of communication makes it difficult to get your needs met and have productive conversations. The result of poor communication is unresolved […]

How to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

What is the best way to show your partner that you love them? The answer depends on your partner’s love language; i.e., the way your partner wants to receive love.

The 5 Love Languages explains that we have preferences in the way we desire love. The author, Gary Chapman, describes five […]