We Are All in This Together

A personal video message about how we're coping during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) pandemic.

Why Do We Stay in Relationships That Hurt?

Today we’re sharing a video that explains why people who are codependent stay in relationships “too long,” way after it has been proven to them that their partner will not, or cannot, change. They may know in their head it’s a toxic relationship, but their heart refuses to give […]

Are You Addicted to a Relationship That Hurts?

Relationship addiction is continuing a relationship that’s chronically painful, destructive, or unhealthy. Of course, there are varying degrees of dysfunction in these relationships. But relationship addiction becomes significant when a codependent partner tries relentlessly to improve the relationship, despite being continually frustrated by their partner.

Al came for individual counseling […]

What’s Wrong with Being “Too Nice”?

I am a recovering codependent.

Growing up I was a “good little girl” – cooperative, compliant, sweet, quiet; the kid that gave her parents nothing to complain about. As a teenager I became a perfectionist. I got good grades, never smoked or drank alcohol, didn’t rebel. I avoided conflict […]

Ever Wondered, ‘Am I Codependent?’

I want to share an incredible resource with you. Dr. Ross Rosenberg, psychotherapist, international speaker, author and trainer, is an expert on codependency, narcissism, gaslighting, and sex addiction. He’s the author of The Human Magnet Syndrome – The Codependent Narcissist Trap.

His book explains the meaning of codependency and why […]