Relationship Highway – Knowing When to Exit: Deciding to “Break Up”

How do you know when is it time to “break up?” The decision to end a relationship can be clear and easy if there are “deal breaker” issues, e.g. he is disrespectful or pushy about sex when you made it clear you are not ready. On the other end […]

Relationship Highway – Under Construction: Commit at Your Own Risk

“Relationship Highway,” the road to commitment is anything but a smooth ride. You may slam on the brakes if he/she has a habit of a “few too many” drinks; or you find out he/she is dating someone else in your “exclusive” partnership. Other warning signs or “deal breakers” may […]

How fast do you drive on a date?

Every new relationship begins with a journey down what we call Relationship Highway (a.k.a. the Road to Commitment). As those of you who read our Relate 360° article of the month may know, there are five stops on Relationship Highway: Heaven, Re-Entry, Earth School, Graduation and Commitment. While we […]

From Blast-Off to Hitched – The Highway to Commitment

Last month our Advanced Dating topic focused on how to find and consciously choose “Mr./Mrs. Right,” as opposed to just “falling” in love. We looked at balancing the Relationship Trilogy – Head, Heart and Hormones – in order to raise awareness that Heart and Hormones need to be kept […]

Dating in the Age of Texting – 5 Rules to Live By

Remember when…

     You actually called each other on the telephone to make plans for a date.

     You would leave each other voicemails about having had a great time.

     Going out actually meant having your date’s full attention for the entire evening.

If you relate to these “remember when’s,” chances are you are over […]