Confidence – The Greatest Dating Magnet of All Time

Think about the last time you attended a party. In walks a woman with confidence and positive energy. She may not be the most beautiful woman at the event, but she is dressed well, holds her head high, makes eye contact and engages others with a smile. Her cheerful […]

Learn the Art of Dating 101

Advanced Dating is our Relate 360° topic of the month. Reading about dating is one of the ways that you can become an “Advanced Dater.” It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are some great books, as well as some duds, out there that will help you along […]

“To Have Sex or Not to Have Sex?” That Is the Question.

There is lots of uncertainty in the dating arena. One of the biggest questions we hear (mostly from women) is: When should I have sex with him?

The short answer is: When you choose to. But it is a lot more complicated than that.

Since there is no “right” answer to […]

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em? The 7 Essential Dating Questions to Help You Decide

Last week we talked about “The List,” the one where people write down all the qualities they desire in a mate. We also stated that “Lists” don’t usually work because they are too logical and concrete.

However, there is one kind of list that we do believe is important. In […]

What Every Single Person Should Know About Finding Love, Falling in Love and Staying Sane

“I keep dating losers – why can’t I choose Mr. Right? When my girlfriend met her (now) husband she ‘just knew’ he was her soul mate.”

Have you ever wondered how other people choose Mr. or Mrs. Right? Are you tired of having relationships that go nowhere? Ever think you’ve […]