Is Hurting the Partner We Love Inevitable?

Why do people hurt the ones they love? Some partners are self-centered; they focus on their own desires and not on the needs of the relationship. Their ability to compartmentalize allows them to act in destructive ways that end up perpetrating harm upon their partner. Self-interest trumps concern for […]

3 Strategies to Stop Anger from Ruining Your Relationship

Anger, more than any other feeling, can destroy a relationship. Left unattended it will create a divide between partners that cannot be crossed. At one extreme, anger that is expressed can lead to verbal, emotional and/or physical abuse. At the other extreme, anger left unexpressed will build a wall […]

How to Forgive in Relationships

“If you are going to pursue revenge, you might as well dig two graves.” – Chinese proverb
Forgiveness matters. For love to be sustained over a lifetime, we must be able to forgive.

Inevitably in any relationship, there will be times where your partner will say or do something hurtful. Feelings […]

5 Steps from Blame to Apologies and Forgiveness

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~Mahatma Gandhi

When disagreements arise, the tactic of “attack and defend” will result in both partners losing the fight. Last week we talked about the destructiveness of the Blame Game. But what do you do after the blame […]

Can There Be Forgiveness After an Affair?

Most people believe that if their partner cheated on them they would end the relationship. In real life, it’s much more complicated.

Learning that your best friend, the person you trust more than anyone in the world, the one who promised to love you till “death do us part,” has […]