How to Keep Holiday Harmony with Your In-Laws

Going home for the holidays? Many people do. If you are close to your in-laws, consider yourself lucky and enjoy your holiday season. For the rest of you, keep reading. There are ways to minimize difficulties with in-laws if you and your partner prepare upfront.

Many couples in […]

Five Survival Tips for Visiting In-Laws (or Out-Laws) Over the Holidays

Alice (to therapist): “I’m not looking forward to the holidays with Steve’s parents. My mother-in-law constantly criticizes how I parent the kids and talks about how “things were done in her day”. She doesn’t get that the world today is totally different from when she raised her family.”

Steve: “My […]

Survival Guide: Visiting In-Laws, Out-Laws & Other Relatives During the Holidays (or any day for that matter)

Christine (to therapist): The holidays with Danny’s parents are a nightmare. For the last 15 years my mother-in-law has tried to tell me how to raise our kids, as if I have no clue. She’s so critical; I know she’ll remark about my weight gain.

Danny: My family isn’t as […]