How to Make Marriage Last a Lifetime

Keep your partnership strong with these 50 best marriage tips from couples who've been married for 50 years.

We Had Kids – 7 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

“How satisfied are you with the quality of your marriage?”

This question has been studied for decades. Research has repeatedly found that after the birth of the first child, marital satisfaction plunges by 40%. Slowly it climbs back up until the children launch, at which point marital satisfaction is back […]

We Had Kids. What Happened to Our Marriage?

In 1989 Bob and I had been married for one year and launched our private practice. One of the ways we became known in the community was through doing presentations about relationships and marriage. We especially loved speaking to “child study” groups; that is, groups of moms with same […]

Should I Separate? – 7 Questions to Consider

Should I separate?

This question is sometimes posed to us when individuals or couples come for marriage counseling.

Couples and individuals have tried everything they know to “fix” their relationship, and nothing has worked. In that first session people may feel hopeless and scared that their marriage is over.

Others feel […]

When You Want Your Partner to Change…

It’s not unusual to get married and think that you can change the qualities or habits your partner has that you don’t like. The truth is you can’t change someone’s personality and changing their lifelong habits may be a challenge.

So, what do you do when you want your […]