The Key to Creating Positive Change in Relationships

When couples have their first Counseling or Coaching session, there is one request that is nearly universal. Clients desire change, but not their own change. They say, “Please change my partner.”

He doesn’t open up and communicate.
She is constantly on her phone at night and doesn’t make time for us. […]

What My Parents Taught Me About Love & Marriage

When I was 12 years old, my dad left. The divorce was messy and took two long years to settle. My thoughts and feelings about love were deeply affected throughout adolescence, a time when I was first having my own experiences with dating and love first-hand.

I didn’t think much […]

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Separate

“But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,
it’s green where you water it.”
– Justin Bieber, As Long As You Love Me

Bob and I wish we could save every marriage. We go “all out” when couples we’re counseling are in crisis: late night phone calls, emergency sessions, even […]

Why Parents Should Do Everything Possible to Prevent Divorce

If you have children and are questioning whether to stay in your marriage, please read this first.

Most couples seek out marriage counseling as their last hope before they divorce. Research by marriage expert, Dr. John Gottman, found that the average couple waits six years after serious problems begin until […]

5 Easy Ways to Stay in (or Bring Back) Love

Falling in love is easy,
Staying in love,
That’s the challenge.
– Anonymous
Often we hear couples say, “We’ve been married for years and we love each other but we are not ‘in love.’ The magic is gone. Can we get it back?” Our response is YES!

We mistakenly think we’re at the mercy […]