How Couples Can Resolve Their Biggest Fights Over Money

We’d like to share an insightful resource for those wanting to dive deeper into the psychology of money and relationships.

Bradley T. Klontz, Psy.D., CFP®, self-described “financial psychologist” and author of several books, answers these questions and more:

How healthy is your relationship with money?
Are you honest with yourself about […]

How Couples Can Resolve “Who’s Right About the Money?”

“Tell me that you want the kind of things that money just can’t buy,
I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.”
– The Beatles

Dana and Mike came to see Bob and I for Couple to Couple® Coaching regarding money conflicts. Here’s how it went:

Dana: Mike, your […]

How Financially Intimate Are You and Your Partner?

When you say the word “intimacy” most people think you’re referring to “sex.” In the dictionary, “intimacy” has a much broader meaning. It’s defined as, “close awareness or friendship.”

Financial intimacy means knowledge of your partner’s history, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values around money. Couples don’t usually sit down and […]

The Number One Cause of Conflict Between Couples

Do you think you know the number one issue couples fight over in marriage? If you said sex, you are wrong.

It’s money!

Finances are often a touchy topic for couples, but it’s not really because of the cash. Money is symbolic and taps into many of the most important […]

How Couples Can Decide to Spend or Not Spend

It is not uncommon for partners to have different views about money. To spend or not to spend – – – that is the question!

Bridget, the “saver,” believed money should be spent on “needs” and judged the “wants” of her husband, Joe, as unnecessary and frivolous. She reacted angrily […]