So You Think You Can Connect

You’ve been selected to come to Los Angeles, CA to compete on the new hit reality show: So You Think You Can Connect. You and your partner and four other couples live together in a mansion for six weeks and compete to see who can deepen their relationship connection […]

Taking Your Relationship to Extraordinary in 2010: Part II – Money Matters

Did you resolve this New Years to take your relationship to the next level?

(If you didn’t, it’s not too late.)

Our January Relationship Recharge posts focus on the four critical areas needed to achieve extraordinary: Emotional Intimacy, Money Matters, Authentic Communication, and Erotic Connection.

Part II: Money Matters

In relationships money does […]

Resolve to Take Your Relationship to Extraordinary in 2010

Did you kiss someone you love at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Superstition has it that kissing your loved one at midnight ensures that your bond of affection will continue through the New Year. It is believed to set the pattern of connection in motion. Without that connection, the relationship […]

Does Your Relationship with Money Affect Your Marriage?

Mike’s habit of saving created a nice nest egg for his future. His disciplined spending habits stemmed from his worry about money, having watched his dad struggle after the family business went bankrupt.

Kathy grew up in a financially secure, but emotionally inadequate family. Her parents’ material expressions of love […]

Creating Financial Harmony in Your Relationship

In most relationships, couples exhibit two different financial personalities – to differing degrees, of course.

One partner is the Saver who, given the choice, would opt to put most of their earnings in the bank, is cautious with spending and very aware of how much things cost. Money is saved […]