The Power of Making Conscious Choices in Uncertain Times

Adam and Karen had been happily married for six years. In their first counseling session with us, they described having grown emotionally distant since Adam lost his job eight months ago. At first, Adam was hopeful and Karen was supportive, but as days turned into months, with no job […]

Financial Infidelity – Are You Really Cheating?

Alison buys a purse for $250 but is afraid to tell her husband. So, she tears up the receipt. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Mark goes to the race track and gambles $1,000 instead of sticking to the $500 limit he agreed upon with his wife. He figured […]

How Intimate Are You and Your Partner? (Financially, That Is)

Are you financially naked with each other?

Being financially intimate means revealing yourself fully to your partner about money – in the currencies of both dollars and emotions. It means being mutually transparent about bank accounts, credit cards, debt, investments, inheritances. No secrets, no lies. It also involves knowing your […]