Why We Stay in Relationships That Hurt

My recent Topic Expert contribution to GoodTherapy.org is getting rave reviews so I thought it would be helpful to some of you!

As this therapy vignette illustrates, unhealthy patterns learned in childhood are often repeated in adult relationships because they feel safe, if unfulfilling. Read more about Why We Stay […]

Can This Relationship Be Saved?

Couples wait an average of seven years after problems begin to seek help. Bob and I can confirm many couples come to counseling stating we are their last hope before separation. One partner is usually very anxious to get help and keep the relationship together, while the other has […]

Should You Stay or Go After An Affair?

If your spouse had an affair would you leave him?

Many people would answer a resounding “yes.” After all, how could anyone even consider staying in a relationship after such a huge breach of trust? Wouldn’t a person who chose to work on the marriage be considered weak?

Ask anyone who […]

Decision of a Lifetime: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

On our Facebook page, there was a post on ‎”10 questions to ask yourself before you decide to divorce.” When I read them it spurred many thoughts that I wanted to share, especially if there are people reading this who are thinking about this very question – Should I […]