How Men Can Develop More Empathy for Women

“When you start to develop your powers of empathy and imagination, the whole world opens up to you.” Susan Sarandon
I, Bob Hollander, have had the occasion to experience many things in the course of my life; but the one I am about to share proved to be a real […]

7 Steps to Resolve Conflict with Conscious Communication

When couples communicate during conflict their strong emotions often derail the conversation. Accusations and blame beget defensiveness, and the argument escalates from there. Voices get raised; hurtful statements are hurled; emotional temperatures accelerate. Afterwards, people withdraw and separate.

What happens next is the pivotal point that can make or break […]

Do You Know How Your Partner Sees You?

How does your partner see you?

Strong or fragile
Aggressive or passive
Caring or cold
Clueless or smart
Supportive or critical
Emotional or rational
Trustworthy or suspicious

The “filters” through which we see our partners affect how we perceive their actions, expressions and words; and subsequently affect how we respond. The powerful lenses of perception can have […]

Valentine Men

It is not that most men fail to make this a special day. Some pull out all the stops and make it a time of unique closeness and connection. We men can display a love we do indeed feel so deeply inside.

But for VALENTINE MEN, when “V-Day” wears thin […]

3 Strategies to Stop Anger from Ruining Your Relationship

Anger, more than any other feeling, can destroy a relationship. Left unattended it will create a divide between partners that cannot be crossed. At one extreme, anger that is expressed can lead to verbal, emotional and/or physical abuse. At the other extreme, anger left unexpressed will build a wall […]