Hope you and your family are well. Bob and I spent time this week working on a plan for the therapists in our suite to return to in-person therapy, if they so desire. With guidance from the National Association of Social Workers and the CDC on reopening offices, we created policies and procedures for therapists and clients to minimize the risk of transmitting or catching the COVID-19 virus.

The policies include frequent hand washing, remaining 6 feet apart, using sanitizer and disinfectant, and wearing masks in the office. For those who return it will be different. Bob and I will be continuing online therapy, which has been working for us and our clients.

As stores, businesses and restaurants begin to open up, several couples contacted us for help with conflict over whether to, or how to, re-engage with the world. When couples are on different pages about social distancing, wearing masks, visiting family and friends, it can get quite contentious. Each of us has different degrees of ability and willingness to tolerate risk.

Especially at this time, where we are still limited in our knowledge about the virus, and testing is somewhat inaccurate, it is hard to make these decisions. It’s not about right and wrong. Dealing effectively with conflict is about respectfully listening to each other’s point of view and finding consensus that you can live with.

Since we know there are many couples out there trying to navigate these choices, I wanted to share this article on how couples can work it out by Lori Gottlieb, author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.

Dear Therapist: My Husband Thinks Social-Distancing Measures Are Too Extreme

We are available to support individuals and couples struggling with differences about boundaries due to COVID-19. Don’t wait. We are here to help! Contact us now.

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