Why Choose Us?

image Lori and Bob Hollander holding hands outdoors

The life or death of your marriage, relationship, and family may depend upon the therapist you choose.

Imagine needing open-heart surgery. Your life is on the line. Would you go to just any doctor, or look for an expert heart surgeon?

It’s no different when selecting a Marriage or Relationship Counselor. The therapists you choose will be operating on your heart – emotionally.

We hold that responsibility earnestly.

At Relationships Work:

You are in the hands of relationship experts.
We have 50 years of combined professional experience. We work on our own relationship – and – we walk our talk.

You get support from one or both of us.
Your choice. We are here to serve your needs and help you determine the best fit for you.

You receive more than the weekly 45-minute appointment.
Our couple sessions are 55 minutes. Plus, we make ourselves available by phone and email when you’re doing the work between sessions. No charge.

You are part of our Support 360° Relationship Community.
We provide tools including blog articles, teleclasses, podcasts, YouTube videos and eProducts accessible from our website.

You get free relationship tips. Sign up for our weekly eNewsletter.
The articles we write have practical relationship advice and personal stories from our marriage.

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Contact us today. We are here to help you.