This month we are exploring “love is a verb.”

Love is not just a feeling. To sustain it, we must actively engage our partners, daily, for the rest of our lives. Feelings come and go in the best of marriages. We must “do” love for it to last.

Some couples say, “If we really were a good match, our relationship wouldn’t be so much work.” The truth is relationships ARE hard work. Bob and I can attest to that, and we do this for a living!

Esther Perel, renowned relationship expert, describes the meaning of love:

It’s an active engagement with all kinds of feelings–positive ones and primitive ones and loathsome ones. But it’s a very active verb. And it’s often surprising how it can kind of ebb and flow. It’s like the moon. We think it’s disappeared, and suddenly it shows up again. It’s not a permanent state of enthusiasm.

Today I’m sharing a great article that explores:

Why Do Relationships Have To Be So Hard?

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