What to Do When You Suspect Your Partner’s Having an Affair

Courtney tentatively sat down in my office on her first appointment. I asked “What brings you to see me today?” She looked terrified. In a timid voice, Courtney said, “I think my husband is having an affair and I don’t know what to do.” Her eyes welled up with […]

Why Do People Have Affairs?

Conventional wisdom used to be that affairs were the result of a sexless marriage, and the purpose of an affair was to fulfill that need. Today, experts agree there are many types of affairs, and they occur for a variety of reasons.

In our work with couples recovering from […]

Signs You Might Be Heading for an Affair

Good people do have affairs. Really, you say?

Yes, I can attest to this. I see it in my office every day. A person comes in and says, “I’m not a liar. I never thought I could do this. This is not who I am.” And it’s true. They are […]

Can Trust Develop in Long Distance Relationships?

I used to think it was impossible to develop trust long distance. Bob proved me wrong. When we met in 1985, he was living on the Santa Monica beach in California and I was living in New Jersey. We met and had a few dates when he visited his […]