What ‘the Donald’ Can Teach Us About Narcissism – Part II (of II)

Donald Trump, narcissist in chief, has given us the opportunity to illustrate the characteristics of a classic narcissistic personality. In my previous blog post on the traits of a narcissist, I described each feature and related it to quotes from “the Donald.”

What happens if you are in a relationship […]

What ‘the Donald’ Can Teach Us About Relationships – Part I (of II)

Donald Trump’s new reality show, Trump for President, is taking the country by storm. The first episode, “The Republican Primary Debate starring Donald Trump,” was watched by 24 million people; the largest audience ever for any cable news event.

Our fascination with “the Donald” brought an issue to light that […]

5 Quick Tips to Create More Time Together

It was Monica and Steven’s first session:

Bob: What brings you here to see us?

Monica: I don’t know if he loves me anymore.

Steven: Of course I love you.

Monica: Then why don’t we ever spend time together?

Steven: She always complains we’re not spending enough time together. I feel like she wants […]

5 Easy Ways to Stay in (or Bring Back) Love

Falling in love is easy,
Staying in love,
That’s the challenge.
– Anonymous
Often we hear couples say, “We’ve been married for years and we love each other but we are not ‘in love.’ The magic is gone. Can we get it back?” Our response is YES!

We mistakenly think we’re at the mercy […]