5 Steps to Bridge the Continental Divide in Your Relationship

Ashley: Honey, do you like my new shoes?
Ryan: Yes, they’re nice. How much did they cost?
Ashley: Why are you always focused on money? Can’t you just appreciate that I take care of myself and want to dress nicely for you?
Ryan: I do appreciate that, and I also worry about […]

7 Keys to Being a Happy Couple

What makes couples happy? Research shows that one of the key factors affecting the quality of relationships is its degree of “positivity.” The more positivity expressed and shared by the couple, the longer lasting and happier the relationship.

An article in Scientific American, “The Happy Couple,” describes these findings. Martin […]

Put the “Fun” Back in Your Relationship

Is it Groundhog’s Day in your relationship? Has it become predictable, dull and stuffy? Dust the cobwebs off. Spring is a perfect time to breathe some life into your relationship and bring back the fun.

Remember the good old days before you were an adult? I remember having a blast […]

5 Steps to “Spring Clean” and Recharge Your Relationship

Spring is upon us. Time to shed layers of clothing, mulch the garden and do the “Spring Cleaning.”

I curiously wondered about the origin of that phrase. Britannica.com says, in times past when houses were heated with coal, oil and wood, spring cleaning, (i.e., sweeping, scrubbing and washing down the […]