Is There a Biological Reason for Cheating?

After the disclosure or discovery of an affair, many partners seek therapy. Couples face the initial emotional trauma. The betrayed partner works through feelings of shock, despair, grief, anger and depression; the unfaithful partner confronts feelings of remorse, deep shame, guilt, anger and fear.

After the initial phase, couples begin […]

The Science of Kissing

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you, tomorrow I’ll miss you. – Paul McCartney

I never realized how many words there were for “kissing”:
Smooching, Making Out, Sucking Face, First Base, Pecking, French Kissing, Tongue Wrestling, Planting One On, Tonsil Hockey, Swapping Spit, Tonsil Tennis, Tonguing, Necking, Gum Swapping, Locking Lips, […]

Is Romantic Love an Addiction?

Why do we “fall in love” – is it magic or biology? Is romantic love an addiction?

Helen Fisher, Ph.D., biological anthropologist, has spent her entire career researching the science of sex, love and marriage. In her TEDTalk on The Weird Science of Love, Dr. Fisher describes the findings from […]

5 Steps to Bridge the Continental Divide in Your Relationship

Ashley: Honey, do you like my new shoes?
Ryan: Yes, they’re nice. How much did they cost?
Ashley: Why are you always focused on money? Can’t you just appreciate that I take care of myself and want to dress nicely for you?
Ryan: I do appreciate that, and I also worry about […]