11 Hot Dates to Recharge the Romance

Dating is not just for courtship. If couples want their relationship to last, they must continue pursuing each other during marriage. Continuing to date is fun, and keeps it interesting, vibrant and fresh.

Yet so often we stop attending to the relationship; we forget to have fun; we’re too busy; […]

How to Bridge the Intimacy Gap Between Men and Women

This month we are talking about how to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize relationships. A critical element is understanding what intimacy means to you and your partner. In our counseling practice, we often see an “intimacy gap” between men and women.

We’d like to share a podcast of our guest appearance […]

7 Ways to Put the Sizzle Back in Sex

Has your sex life become routine, boring, dull? Is your desire less than it used to be? Has the romance faded?

Stop worrying! It happens to all couples in long-term relationships.

The “honeymoon phase” lasts up to two years. Biology has everything to do with that. When the relationship’s new […]

Should You Renew Your Wedding Vows?

After the honeymoon, your real relationship begins. The fanfare is over. You go back to work. You settle in. Life becomes routine. You’re busy with career, kids, parents, holidays, the stresses of life. The days go slow but the years fly by.

For many couples their relationship doesn’t get enough […]